Explore the technology leading solution for analysis and control of
Big Data for semiconductor manufacturers


YieldWatchDog™ is a high quality semiconductor software solution for the analysis and control of semiconductor data generated during manufacturing and testing.


YieldWatchDog™ provides early detection of potential yield degradation at an unprecedented level of thoroughness and notifies key personnel about impending production issues. Thus, costly yield excursions can be avoided due to early notifications. It is a comprehensive solution that integrates all data in a single database and enables the monitoring of all production parameters, from in-line metrology to IC functional testing.

Your Benefits

Due to the lean processes at DR YIELD a total roll-out time of only 6-8 months can be provided

YieldWatchDog™ ...

... controls all test data lot-wise, wafer-wise, region-wise
... automatically pin-points issues
... works continuously for you 24/7
... integrates all data in a single database
... saves both engineering and IT infrastructure costs
... is user-friendly and intuitive

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Did you know...?
... that we also offer tailored and cost-efficient solutions for startups and small companies? Contact us for more information.

"Since we started using the YieldWatchDog solution we have gained an enormous amount of value from our production test data. It was amazing to see how little effort was needed to install and maintain the system –
it simply runs and is extremely reliable."

Operations Manager, Vishay

What can YieldWatchDog do for you?:

IT Manager
Quality Engineer
Test Engineering
Operations Manager
Yield Engineer


Multivariate Monitoring Module
allows the detection and notification of events that occur in the multidimensional view of parameters.

Event Control Module
allows detection and notification of effects introduced by factory events, such as equipment supply changes, maintenance events or similar.

Enhanced Analysis Module
provides additional options for data visualization and correlation analyses.

Equipment Monitoring Module
enables the control of specific production tools through the use of electrical wafer sort or other test data.

Advanced Quality Module
identifies ICs that pass test limits but show suspicious deviation from the performance of the majority of tested parts.

Spatial Signature Control Module
allows the early detection of tool-specific, custom-defined failure mechanisms.

Reporting Server Module
allows both engineers and management to access the most important data instantly on their company´s intranet.

Yield Classification Engine
classifies detected yield issues, provides comprehensive summary reports and memorizes corrective actions.

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