ITC 2016 in Fort Worth, TX

International Test Conference – Fort Worth, TX


This year was our second visit to the ITC – International Test Conference – held in Fort Worth, Texas.

Besides the great location, the friendly atmosphere, chats and the unique opportunity to take pictures with real Texan longhorns, it was interesting to hear how much need there still is for automated data control and pattern recognition when it comes to manufacturing data. It seems that many companies nowadays face the problem that although the data is collected and stored, there are still ample opportunities regarding the usage of data in order to get value out of it.

In some cases, companies prefer in-house development of yield management software, simply because they perceive in-house solutions as more convenient regarding costs and time. But is in-house development really the best way? In some cases, yes. However, as soon as the size of processed data exceeds a certain level, professional img_5991yield management solutions should be considered.

Below is a checklist of questions you should ask yourself when considering in-house development of yield management software:

  • What happens when the person(s) that is responsible for development decides to leave the company? They take all the knowledge regarding the usage and handling of the data with them.
  • Does the software developer really understand the value chain as well as the overall needs of the company?
  • How many working hours and additional costs will an in-house production accrue? Considering the investment in time and costs, is it really cheaper to produce in-house?
  • How urgently do you need automatic yield management software? How long can you wait until a whole system is up and running in order to see an increase in profit margins?
  • Are you still able to focus on your core competencies? Can you still use your time and knowledge resources to boost your core business or will you be using all these resources for the in-house development?
  • Are you still able to optimize your storage to accomplish your company’s safety and other requirements?





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