It’s our 12th anniversary!

For us it feels like yesterday when we had the idea of creating a new piece of yield control software that is capable of monitoring all the data in a semiconductor fab. Back then, we were only three people supported by a few freelance developers housed in a business incubator.

Looking back at the last dozen years, we have experienced many good and exciting times,
opportunities and challenges. But thanks to our customers that have put their trust in us, we were able to grow and expand our team and capabilities of our product. Today, our team consists of 14 people working each day to being able to serve our customers the latest technologies in the field of yield software.

Many things have changed over the past few years: what hasn’t change is our sincere belief that we can help companies to get the most value out of their data and our ambition to drive data control to the next level.

At this point we would like to thank our customers, friends and supporters. We are grateful for the trust that you put in us and we promise to do the best we can to exceed your expectations also in the future.


Dieter Rathei and the team of DR YIELD