Release of YieldWatchDog 3.5

DR YIELD announces the release of YieldWatchDog 3.5 – featuring a revolutionary new yield classification engine

GRAZ, AUSTRIA, OCTOBER 2015: DR YIELD, the specialist for Big Data analytics and control in the semiconductor industry, has announced the release of its new YieldWatchDog Version 3.5.

The most prominent change in the new release is the introduction of a new module, the Yield Classification Engine (YCE). This allows fully automated detection and classification of patterns on the wafer maps. The engine monitors all tested wafers and automatically notifies engineers about any conspicuous patterns like scratches, high YieldWatchDog Logo yield control software for the semiconductor industry by DR YIELD software and solutionsdefect areas, mask repeaters and the like. This considerably reduces the engineering time spent for material review and wafer disposition. Furthermore, corrective actions can be entered into the system and will be displayed at any future occurrence of similar patterns.
YieldWatchDog 3.5 and the Yield Classification Engine will be demonstrated to the interested public at the International Test Conference (ITC) in Anaheim, CA on Oct 6-8, 2015.


DR YIELD is the pioneer in dealing with Big Data for the semiconductor industry and other high tech industries. It serves customers worldwide as an innovative provider of next-generation software for yield control. The patented software solution YieldWatchDog™ enables monitoring of all manufacturing data and allows early detection of potential production problems at an unprecedented level of thoroughness.


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