It is true, bigger is not always better.

Certainly not when it comes to costs. As technology gets more advanced, prices drop and products get better.

The same is true for software. In 1989, Microsoft released Microsoft Word 1.0. A major feature was the ability to use a mouse. It also prided itself on the fact that it was able to open multiple documents and select text by word, line or paragraph. The retail price for the software was $495.  The approximate price today, adjusted for inflation would equate to $950!

Today, the latest word processing technology from Microsoft, namely Word 2016 boasts a variety of tools for state-of-the-art editing, reviewing and sharing of professional documents.

Despite the many new features that were inconceivable a few years ago and are now mostly taken for granted, the price of the latest version of Microsoft Word is totally affordable and currently retails at $110.

So, just because something is more expensive, it doesn´t mean it´s better. Similarly, a cheap price does not equate to bad quality.

Most people are of the belief that low prices mean good value, while at the same time many believe that low prices mean low quality. It all depends on their frame of mind at the time of purchase, whether they focus more on value or quality.


The same is true for yield software

Some of the “more established” systems are simply more expensive because they have a legacy of older technology that needs to be maintained. It is often difficult to find qualified personnel that are able to sustain code written in older and rarely used programming languages.software_floppydisksUSB

In addition, software that was developed in previous decades tended to focus solely on the functionality of the software. Considerations about how the software would be deployed, rolled-out and updated only came later.

And last but not least, there has been tremendous progress in the field of software testing. The testing and debugging of software can be a time-consuming and expensive task when performed by software engineers utilizing older tools.

Since 2005 our company has developed advanced yield management software at a considerably lower price than many of our competitors. We pride ourselves on the fact that we use only the latest technology in our development. In addition, we employ state-of-the art automated test procedures that can test more than humans do in less time, thereby assuring better product quality at a lower cost. This, together with the fact that data integration concepts, system roll-out, and updates were a part of the overall YieldWatchDog solution from the very beginning, allows us to market our yield software at a very reasonable price.

Sure, the legacy systems of yesteryear were way more expensive, but then so were scientific calculators!

It´s really not complicated, sometimes low prices simply mean great value!