Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer your questions! Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below or contact us directly to find out more about our smart software solution YieldWatchDog.

Functions of YieldWatchDog

Do you provide automated reporting?

Yes, our Reporting Server Module (RSM) allows you to automatically create customized, specific reports according to your unique demands. This allows you to create reports as HTML or PDF documents for engineering, management or even for your customers.

We already have a Yield Management System. How can we profit from YieldWatchDog software?

Unless you have developed your own control system, your current Yield Management System is probably just an interactive tool to view and analyze data. YieldWatchDog is different from that because it automatically controls all data and warns you of any significant developments. Some customers use YieldWatchDog as an add-on to their existing Yield Management System (YMS), while others use it as their central YMS system.

Is it possible to set different access permissions?

Yes. A complete user rights management system is built into YieldWatchDog which allows you to assign different access permissions for various users.

What kind of data can be loaded into YieldWatchDog?

The smart software handles everything: Wafer Sort, Final Test, Parameter Test (E-Test, PCM), Lot-Equipment-History, Inline Measurement Data, Factory Events, Defect Data … you name it!

Is it possible to export data from YieldWatchDog to other applications?

Yes, of course! There are many interfaces that allow you to feed data from YieldWatchDog to other applications, and vice versa. This can be done manually or automatically.

Can YWD differentiate between production and engineering data?


What are the System Requirements?

A Windows Server (physical or virtual) is required. YieldWatchDog runs on all currently supported Windows Server operating systems.
Hardware requirements can be defined by DR YIELD after we know about your data volume and throughput. YieldWatchDog clients also run on all currently supported Windows operating systems and on Linux/MONO.

Licensing of YieldWatchDog

How much time is needed for the implementation of YieldWatchDog?

To answer this question, we need to know more about your specific situation, like number and kind of data sources. Please get in contact with us. From past experience, the roll out can be accomplished within a few weeks. We have considered and already solved many integration and deployment issues in the architectural design, thus allowing a very swift deployment process.

How is the YieldWatchDog software installed? Is it a hosted service?

We provide you with server & client software that is installed entirely within your company and on your company hardware.

How flexible is the software in adapting it to our business process?

We do understand your concern for flexibility, as each customer has their own requirements. This is why DR YIELD always has custom feature development as part of our service contracts – this way you get a stable, manufacturing proven solution that will fit your demands exactly– even when they change! We see our customers as partners and we will always make an effort to meet their needs.

What are the costs of the YieldWatchDog software?

We offer three editions to accommodate varying demands in data volume and throughput. Furthermore, you can choose exactly those modules that you need. According to feedback from our customers, YieldWatchDog has a positive payback on investment in less than six months. Try it yourself – we offer you the possibility of a free trial period of our software!

Who are your current customers?

DR YIELD has customers on all 3 continents where semiconductor manufacturers are located and we currently have several hundred client installations. We are proud that some of the most trusted names among the largest semiconductor manufacturers are our customers. See our references or contact us directly for more information.