A YieldWatchDog installation can be customized to your needs by adding the following optional modules:

Multivariate Monitoring Module
allows the detection and notification of events that occur in the multidimensional view of parameters.

Event Control Module
allows detection and notification of effects introduced by factory events, such as equipment supply changes, maintenance events or similar.

Material Tracing Module
enables full lot-, wafer-, or device-level traceability throughout your entire supply chain.

Tool Combination Module
enables effective identification of both optimal and problematic tool combinations.

Enhanced Analysis Module
provides additional options for data visualization and correlation analyses.
NEW: As of January 2018 the EAM Module is now included in the YieldWatchDog base license.

Equipment Monitoring Module
enables the control of specific production tools through the use of electrical wafer sort or other test data.

Advanced Quality Module
identifies ICs that pass test limits but show suspicious deviation from the performance of the majority of tested parts.

Spatial Signature Control Module
allows the early detection of tool-specific, custom-defined failure mechanisms.

Reporting Server Module
allows both engineers and management to access the most important data instantly on their company´s intranet.

Yield Classification Engine
classifies detected yield issues, provides comprehensive summary reports and memorizes corrective actions.