The Big Data Pioneers.

YieldWatchDog™ is used by numerous leading semiconductor manufacturers around the globe.

DR YIELD has customers on 3 continents and in 7 countries. We are currently in our 12th year of production and our customers cover the full spectrum of semiconductor applications. Together with our customers, we are continually working on the addition of new features and on the development of innovative algorithms.

Awards and Nominations

2015Finalist Fast Forward Award, Land Steiermark, SFG
2014Finalist Primus, Kategorie Mut, Kleine Zeitung
2007Finalist Innostar, Gewinn

"Since we started using the YieldWatchDog solution we have gained an enormous amount of value from our production test data. It was amazing to see how little effort was needed to install and maintain the system – it simply runs and is extremely reliable."
Operations Manager, Vishay

"Most definitely, we have detected more problematic wafers that would have gone undetected."
YieldWatchDog user, Factory Control Engineer

"Thanks DR YIELD team for your great work. Your support is part of our success."
David Kelly, Product Engineering Manager, Finisar Corporation

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