Partnership. Trust. Reliability. Innovation. Performance.
This is what we stand for.

Our aim is to offer our customers fast, flexible and innovative solutions for their semiconductor yield management. Software that can be perfectly integrated within the company's manufacturing structures.

Our company has pioneered the usage of Big Data in the semiconductor industry since 2005 – long before the term was coined. This makes us one of the worldwide technology leading providers of semiconductor yield control software.

DR YIELD Team Graz
The team of DR YIELD is dedicated to provide our customers the latest yield management solutions for the semiconductor industry.

Our patented software solution YieldWatchDog™ enables monitoring of all manufacturing data and allows early detection of potential production problems at an unprecedented level of thoroughness.

And yes, we might not be the biggest company. However, it's our size that allows us lean, flexible and creative processes. Fast response times guaranteed.

This is what keeps our customers happy all over the world.


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