The smart semiconductor data visualization and automated process control solution

Enhanced Data Visualization

Numerous integrated visualization and calculation tools enable you to get a deep insight into your manufacturing and test process and it's enhancement possibilities.

Automatic Reports

YieldWatchDog notifies you as soon as any irregularity occurs and triggers various actions if needed. Furthermore, the software generates reports based on user defined templates.

Full Supply Chain Visibility

Trace the origin and movement of semiconductor materials along the entire supply chain and pinpoint anomalies intelligently.

Equipment Monitoring

Analyze the performance of your manufacturing and test tools more effectively to support new equipment qualifications or product ramp-ups.

Event Control

YieldWatchDog detects and automatically notifies you about effects introduced by factory events, such as equipment supply changes, maintenance events or similar.

Advanced Quality

Ensure the highest quality for your semiconductor products by analyzing potential quality compromised parts based on Part Average Testing (PAT) and other advanced rules.

Experience Enhanced Data Visualization

YieldWatchDog offers many visualization and calculation tools that are specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. The interactive, user-friendly interface enables a deep dive into your manufacturing and test data.

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Advanced Quality Module

The optional Advanced Quality Module of YieldWatchDog is specifically designed for the automotive industry. It identifies potentially quality compromised parts by going far beyond "Part Average Testing" (PAT).

Automatic Notifications & Reports

Data driven decisions lead to significantly higher productivity. YieldWatchDog helps you to make smart decisions fast by informing you in case of anomalies and sending you reports designed for your special needs.

Take your business to the next level with Artificial Intelligence

Check out DR YIELD’s new deep learning framework eXpanded Intelligence (YWDXI) and learn about the versatile application possibilities in the semiconductor industry.

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