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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Management

Find answers to questions on data integration and connectivity.

Any data that is numerical can be processed: Wafer Sort, Final Test, Parameter Test (E-Test, PCM), Inline Measurement Data, Defect Data … you name it. Of course, there are also additional meta- and attribute data like Lot-Equipment-History, Factory Events, Lot-Tracing information etc. that can be loaded into the YieldWatchDog solution.

YieldWatchDog databases all over the world use the exact same data model. We have developed our own standardized data integration process for the loading of data. Either our integration experts will write the data converters to parse your data into the required format as part of our service or your in-house experts can do it by following our integration guidelines.

YieldWatchDog provides open interfaces that can be configured to connect to any other manufacturing software.

YieldWatchDog Functions

Find answers to questions on software functions and features.

YieldWatchDog is implemented on a reliable and modern technology platform that is capable of processing huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently. The software has been used for many years in some of the largest front end and back end semiconductor fabs and is therefore a proven solution for handling massive amounts of semiconductor manufacturing and test data.

Yes, our reporting features allow you to automatically create customized reports according to your specific demands. It allows you to create reports as HTML or PDF documents for engineering, management or even for your customers.

Our artificial intelligence layer YieldWatchDogXI includes advanced pattern classification for detecting spatial signatures.

Yes. A complete permission management system is built into YieldWatchDog which allows you to assign different access rights to various users.

Yes, YieldWatchDog allows full lot-, wafer-, or device-level traceability throughout your entire supply chain. The powerful genealogy tool allows movement tracing along the entire manufacturing process.

DR YIELD has supported several highly successful product and even factory ramp-ups. Fast access to fully integrated data has been a critical success factor for these ramp-ups.

Licensing & Architecture

Find answers to questions on the licensing model, installation and architecture.

We can roll out a YieldWatchDog installation within a few weeks with our proven, standardized integration process. Our experience in this area has led us to develop a very swift deployment process.

We offer three editions to accommodate varying requirements in data volume and throughput. According to feedback from our customers, YieldWatchDog delivers an outstanding Return on Investment of less than six months. Click here for more information about our licensing models.

We offer trial installations to get our customers started and let them gain familiarity with the YieldWatchDog software.  The trial period allows our technicians to work directly with customers to get loaders/parsers written, provide training in use of the software as well as handle issues or questions that come up when using the tools. This also gives customers a great preview of how they will be supported down the road. Please contact us for more information.

A Windows Server (physical or virtual) is required. YieldWatchDog runs on all currently supported Windows Server operating systems. Hardware requirements can be defined by DR YIELD once we know your data volume and throughput. YieldWatchDog clients also run on all currently supported Windows operating systems.

YieldWatchDog is not just a piece of software – it is a solution. We see ourselves as a full solution provider. Therefore, timely, extensive customer support is always part of our business relationship. The number of support hours included depends on the software edition. Support hours can be used, for example, for custom feature developments or additional data integration. For more information about the software licensing options click here.

We understand your need for flexibility because every customer has its own requirements. That is why DR YIELD always has custom feature development as part of our service contracts – this way you get a stable, tried and true solution that will meet your demands exactly – even when these change. We see our customers as partners and we will always go the extra mile to meet your needs.

We provide you with server and client software that is installed entirely within your company and on your company hardware. To maintain highest security and performance we recommend a local installation of YieldWatchDog. However, if your company prefers a cloud solution and has the necessary network band width it is of course also possible to host the software on a cloud server.

Company & References

Learn more about DR YIELD and our customers.

DR YIELD was founded in 2005 by former yield & test engineers who were not satisfied with the available yield software packages, and is still privately owned by the founders. We have grown for 17 years to our current size without VC or other financial investors, building only on revenue generated by our highly satisfied and loyal customers.

DR YIELD has customers ranging from fabless start-ups to test foundries to top 10 IDMs spread across 12 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Contact us if you wish to connect with a current YieldWatchDog user near you.

Our dedicated team has semiconductor industry background combined with IT competence. Highest quality is further ensured by our state-of-the-art integrated and fully-automated software testing system.

All our technical employees – developers, testers and technical support – are operating from our headquarters in Graz, Austria. We provide remote support using web technology or through our local support partner companies near you.

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