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The AI layer to get the most out of your semiconductor data

Artificial Intelligence

A deep learning framework based on neural networks (CNNs & GANs) and other intelligent algorithms.

Smart Pattern Recognition

Profit from automatic pattern recognition and classification.

Intelligent Tool Analytics

Analyze tool combinations and pinpoint process improvement possibilities.

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Multidimensional View

Improve your operation through multivariate data monitoring.

Deep Root Cause Analytics

Smart root cause analysis enables immediate implementation of corrective measures.

Smart Decision Making

Data driven decision-making leads to substantial productivity gains.

Intelligent Tool Analytics

Optimize your equipment uptime and prevent failures

YWDXI allows you to analyze tool interactions with maximum efficiency. Detect tools that, in combination, contribute to yield loss, or identify "golden tool combinations" for routing of important lots.
Viewing semiconductor data with artificial intelligence tool combination feature
Viewing semiconductor data with artificial intelligence pattern recognition tool

Smart Pattern Recognition

Optimize your semiconductor manufacturing process

YWDXI automatically detects and classifies wafers with conspicuous patterns - this enables rapid material review and wafer disposition. Machine learning algorithms allow trained and untrained pattern detection.

Deep Root-Cause Analysis

Multivariate Monitoring for full process visibility

The multivariate monitoring feature of YWDXI allows you to review individual parameters and detect issues that would otherwise not be visible. Fast processing and calculation times are ensured by deploying mechanisms such as dimension reduction. Built-in Principal Component Analysis enables you to set corrective measurements immediately.
Viewing semiconductor data with artificial intelligence multivariate monitoring tool

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