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Smart Data Analytics


YieldWatchDog - our next-generation software gives you deep insight into your semiconductor data and enables a full life cycle analysis to optimize your semiconductor test and manufacturing process.

Artificial Intelligence

eXpanded Intelligence (YWDXI)

YieldWatchDogXI is the ultimate tool for smart manufacturing and deep learning. Advanced data analytics based on intelligent algorithms enables data-based decision making to increase yields and profits.

Proven Solution Provider


DR YIELD has been the innovation leader for data-driven yield analysis applications in the semiconductor industry since 2005.
We provide a smart solution that gives you a deep data insight and drives innovation.

Viewing Wafer Maps with Smart YieldWatchDog Software

Why YieldWatchDog?

YieldWatchDog is a proven, smart data solution to store, analyze and manage all semiconductor data collected during chip manufacturing and test. YieldWatchDog enables you to improve yields and profits as well as to drive innovation. Find out how you can benefit from our smart data analytics solution.

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DR YIELD is the trusted supplier of data analysis solutions for leading semiconductor manufacturers around the globe.

“YieldWatchDog enables us to enjoy user friendly access and fast response time for analysis of all core manufacturing data, allowing effective yield and cost optimization.”
Gjermund Kittilsland
Quality Manager, poLight ASA
“Changing and updating your analysis schema is never easy but with DR YIELD’s help we’ve been able to deploy our system faster than we thought possible. It’s been a great partnership!"
Daren Keller
Director of Innovation, Rochester Electronics
“Thanks DR YIELD team for your great work. Your support is part of our success.”
David Kelly
Product Engineering Manager, Finisar Corporation
“With the YieldWatchDog software, Inova now has a tool that is capable of parallel production data processing, enabling the rapid load and analysis of large amounts of information. A variety of integrated functions allow different methods for inspecting production data. Easy to use automated rules for applying quality screening techniques further improve device filtering. This ensures a continuous delivery of products with the highest quality,”
Dr. Malte Leisner
Head of Quality & Foundry Management at Inova

YWD eXpanded Intelligence - the smartest way to analyze data

YWDXI is the intelligent, powerful and smart manufacturing tool that enables you to get the most out of your big data by using AI and other cognitive learning technologies.

Analyzing Semiconductor Data with Deep Learning Framework eXpanded Intelligence of YieldWatchDog

Smart & Flexible

YieldWatchDog - a powerful solution delving deep into your semiconductor data

High Performance

Fast and efficient processing of massive amounts of data.

Artificial Intelligence

Get the most out of your data from our deep learning framework.

Automated Analytics

Efficient use of engineering resources through notifications of anomalies.

Customer Support

Extensive, rapid customer support to allow fast reactions.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Trace the origin and movement of materials along the entire supply chain.

Open Interfaces

Connectivity to other software tools e.g. MES-Systems.

Smart Decision Making

Substantial productivity gains due to data driven decision making.

High Software Quality

Ensured by our team of experts and a fully-integrated and automated test system.

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