The Offical Launch of YieldWatchDog 3.8 is here

YieldWatchDog 3.8 in use to analyze tool combinations
Experience advanced capabilities and new features – presented in an interactive, customizable user interface – to analyze data rapidly enough to impact yield and time-to-market.

It is our mission to supply the semiconductor industry with a leading-edge advanced data analysis software to improve operations and margins as well as to drive growth.

Our R&D team is constantly extending the features of our YieldWatchDog smart solution and are proud to introduce you to the advanced capabilities and innovative features as well as the whole new user experience of YieldWatchDog 3.8.

How can you benefit from YieldWatchDog 3.8?

The exponentially growing sea of data generated during semiconductor manufacturing and test makes it increasingly difficult for managers and engineers to instantly find necessary information for in-time, appropriate decision-making. We have the solution for challenges like this:

YieldWatchDog 3.8 – not just a piece of software, but a solution to store, analyze and manage all numerical data gathered during chip manufacturing and test. YieldWatchDog transforms raw data into actionable insights for appropriate decision-making resulting in improvements of equipment availability, throughput, operating costs and yield.

A sampling of the new features of YieldWatchDog 3.8:

Overview of new YieldWatchDog 3.8 Features

This latest version of YieldWatchDog enables full traceability and supply chain visibility by adding the new Material Tracing Feature. Another major optional feature to be added is the Tool Combination Function that allows you to identify both optimal and problematic tool combinations. A must-have for optimizing the highly complex semiconductor manufacturing process.

Software Developer Patrick from DR YIELD

“YieldWatchDog 3.8 allows our customers to stay ahead of the constantly changing industry. The advanced capabilities and new features together with the enhanced, interactive user interface of YieldWatchDog 3.8 give you an unprecedented insight into your semiconductor data.”
– Patrick from R&D

About DR YIELD software & solutions GmbH

DR YIELD provides the leading-edge advanced analytics software YieldWatchDog for analysis and control of semiconductor manufacturing and test data. This enables semiconductor manufacturers as well as fabless companies to improve important manufacturing dimensions such as equipment availability, throughput, operating costs and yield. Once installed, YieldWatchDog allows you to get actionable insights into your data. For detailed information click here

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