Semiconductor Yield Enhancement

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At DR YIELD we have been observing a steep increase in interest in our Yield Management Software, YieldWatchDog, which was created specifically for the semiconductor manufacturing industry to enable manufacturers to improve yield, throughput, equipment availability and operating costs – essentially increasing productivity.

The current global shortage in semiconductors shows that with ever-increasing demand, limited supplies, higher costs, political lines drawn and the ripple effects of the pandemic, the pressure on microchip manufacturers to produce at maximum capacity has never been greater. The chip shortage affects every sector, every aspect of modern life.

What does Yield Analysis Software do?

There are several key aspects to yield software that provide yield engineers instant access to all-encompassing semiconductor manufacturing and test data.

Access to the most innovative, highest-quality software is the of utmost importance to all of our customers. In order to be able to offer cutting-edge software, our team of software developers continuously responds to the latest technological developments, and provides semiconductor manufacturers the exact features they need to recognize irregularities in production and avoid yield excursions.

Smart data analysis enables storing, tracking and analysis of any kind of anomalies that arise during the chip manufacturing and testing process. Smart analysis gives a deep insight into semiconductor manufacturing data.

Automatic notifications signal immediately when any irregularity in the manufacturing process occurs. Yield analysis software recognizes the irregularity and sends e-mails and trigger files.

Enhanced visualization offers many integrated visualization and calculation tools such as wafer maps, trend charts, correlation charts, histograms, line charts, Pareto analyses, fail flip maps, fail trends, fail category maps, gallery views and many more.

These visualization tools enable each user to get a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process and its enhancement possibilities. Additionally, product and test engineers can display the analysis data exactly as they need it to get actionable insights into the data. 

Yield analysis wafer visualization

High-performance yield software assures that massive amounts of manufacturing and test data are smoothly and efficiently processed. Even large amounts of data can be instantly accessed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest frontier in technology and is particularly valuable and relevant in the semiconductor industry. With our YieldWatchDogXI platform we are providing a turnkey, deep-learning solution to our customers that allows them to optimize production, prevent waste and reduce costs even further.  

Customer Support is what drives us – our team of developers makes customers their priority, providing top-notch service, which can also include custom-designed features to fit the individual needs our customers have.

YieldWatchDog transforms production data collected during chip manufacturing and testing into valuable, actionable information thereby promoting yield improvements and cost optimization.

Want to know more about YieldWatchDog?
About DR YIELD software & solutions GmbH

DR YIELD provides the leading-edge advanced analytics software YieldWatchDog for analysis and control of semiconductor manufacturing and test data. This enables semiconductor manufacturers as well as Fabless companies to improve important manufacturing dimensions such as equipment availability, throughput, operating costs and yield. Once installed YieldWatchDog allows you to get actionable insights into your data. For detailed information click here 

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