YWD pattern recognition Enhanced

Leveraging Machine Learning in Semiconductor Yield Analysis

Leveraging ML to easily identify and classify wafer spatial patterns in semiconductor manufacturing. … Read More


Using Predictive Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Predictive analysis capabilities provide deep insights for production optimization and can predict failures based on anomalies in the data. … Read More

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Installing yield software early in a ramp up

The accessibility of all data for cross-correlation and deep dives into potential culprits of yield loss is a decisive factor in the success of a yield ramp – whether for a new product, a new process line or a completely new fab. … Read More

Examples Advantages of Multivariate Monitoring

Multivariate Analysis for Full Process Visibility  

Multivariate analysis, also known as multivariate monitoring, enables the detection of issues that are invisible when viewing individual parameters. … Read More


Preventing process excursion with AI & yield management software (YMS)

Early detection and analysis of process excursions decreases wafer scraps, prevents yield loss and saves engineering and manufacturing resources. … Read More

Featured Image What is achievable with YMS

What is achievable with a Yield Management System?

Cutting-edge Yield Management Systems integrate Big Data, Smart Data, Machine Learning and AI analytics to enable semiconductor manufacturers to gain deep insight fast and save costs. … Read More


Advanced Quality Module incl. Part Average Testing (PAT)

Automotive and other quality-critical microchip suppliers have specified and rigorous requirements in order to achieve zero defects and enhance quality control and reliability. Part Average Testing (PAT) is one of the fundamental features of the Advanced Quality Module. … Read More

integrating siloed data

Integrating siloed data in semiconductor manufacturing

By using patented algorithms, the collected data is aggregated and stored in one standardized data warehouse. Once the manufacturing data is combined, it can be analyzed with a yield analytics software which also alerts yield and test engineers of any irregularities occurring in the data. … Read More

SEMICON West invitation

DR YIELD presents yield data analytics & AI applications for semiconductor manufacturing at SEMICON West 2022

With increased computational capabilities, the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in semiconductor manufacturing is ever growing.
At SEMICON West 2022, DR YIELD will present the importance of AI and machine learning in semiconductor manufacturing with a focus on yield data analytics. … Read More

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The 10 Biggest Data Challenges of the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor manufacturing generates enormous volumes of data. A Yield Management Solution quickly loads the data and transforms it into useful, actionable information. … Read More