How to analyze factory events to prevent production failures

Engineer using YieldWatchDogs Event Control Feature in Factory
DR YIELD’s Event Control Module brings fast and efficient coherence analysis of events and production failures.

DR YIELD, a leading provider of yield management software, announces the new Event Control Module, now available for purchase worldwide as an add-on to DR YIELD’s YieldWatchDog yield control software.

The Event Control Module allows the analysis, detection and automatic notification of effects introduced by factory events, such as equipment supply changes, maintenance events or similar.

“The ECM is based directly on our customers’ input and perfectly augments our existing yield management solution YieldWatchDog”, says CEO Dieter Rathei. “Every year we hear about a major yield excursion caused by contaminated chemical supply, a tool maintenance gone wrong or the like. By employing the ECM, we can now track all changes happening during chip manufacturing and testing. But that is not all – the ECM automatically informs you when any problems or significant changes are detected. In the end, the module does not only improve our customers’ workflow and save our customers time and money – it also saves them a lot of energy and frustration needed for backtracking the root cause.”

New Event Control features at a glance:
✓ Analysis and control of factory events like tool maintenance, supply changes etc.
✓ Also applicable for events on the test floor such as probe card changes and the like
✓ Intuitive display of statistics before and after these events
✓ Analysis and control on factory or equipment level
✓ Automatic notification if significant changes are detected after an event
✓ Users can set up event-parameter relations and configure for which events they wish to get notifications.

About DR YIELD software & solutions GmbH

DR YIELD provides the leading-edge advanced analytics software YieldWatchDog for analysis and control of semiconductor manufacturing and test data. This enables semiconductor manufacturers as well as Fabless companies to improve important manufacturing dimensions such as equipment availability, throughput, operating costs and yield. Once installed YieldWatchDog allows you to get actionable insights into your data. For detailed information click here 

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