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2005 – 2021: Celebrating Our 16th Anniversary

Since 2005, DR YIELD has always been at the forefront of technology development, continuously adapting to the needs and requirements of its customers as well as to the trends and developments in the semiconductor industry. … Read More

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When is it the right time to invest in a yield management system?

Semiconductor manufacturing produces enormous amounts of data which must be gathered, analyzed and interpreted effectively. Yield analysis systems provide/enable data management but it’s not always clear when it’s the right time to invest in yield management systems. … Read More

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A Turning Point: Taking Off from 2020 into a New Era

We would like to use the start of the New Year to shortly reflect on the changes in the semiconductor industry and the future ahead. Thus, we have decided to do a Q&A with our CEO, Dieter Rathei. … Read More

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YieldWatchDog Selected By PoLight® ASA To Provide Actionable Insights Into Their Data

DR YIELD software & solutions GmbH, provider of the smart data analytics solution YieldWatchDog, announced that they were selected by poLight to enable actionable insights into their manufacturing data. … Read More

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How Multivariate Statistics Helps You To Get Better Yield

Electrical test data (e.g. wafer sort data) often consists of dozens of correlated parameters and therefore it is no surprise that the application of multivariate statistics monitoring can significantly improve the effectiveness of the yield control concept. … Read More

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How to analyze factory events to prevent production failures

DR YIELD’s Event Control Feature brings fast and efficient coherence analysis of events and production failures. … Read More